Welcome to the funniest GIANT Party-Items-Store!

Only 40 min. from Ramstein in Pirmasens

You´ll find all you need for your party, for your event or your celebrations.


We´are the funnies GIANT Store for costume, accessoires, decorations, halloween items .

Come, See and be amazed !


Since september 2013 we have a new department.

This is a special department for ORIGINAL DRINDLES and Leathertrouser.  To round off the department

we have all stuff for your octoberfest. Shoes, Bags, Accessoires, Socks, and on, and on .....

Here are some impressions:

Overview from our new department - "Wiesen-Glamour"

Drindles in all sizes - Kids: 86 - 164, Woman: 34 - 54

Accessoires like shoes, bags and jewellery.

Original Leathertrousers in all sizes - Man: 44 - 64

You see:

We have everything you need - for Carnival, MardiGras, Oktoberfest, Halloween, ChristmasParty, BirthdayParty, Theater or Dance Events, CostumeParty 

 If you have the party-idea - we have 1111 square meters full of the items for it.